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Hyperhidrosis Treatments in Los Angeles, CA

Get Rid of Your Excessive Sweating Problem With K-Town Med Spa & Varicose Relief’s Hyperhidrosis Treatments! We Are Ready to Help You Achieve Your Goals. For More Information Call Us Today at (323) 747-8262 or Simply Request Your Appointment Online.

Hyperhidrosis Treatments Near Me in Los Angeles, CA

Sweating is a normal function of the human body, especially in high temperatures or after physical activity. If your sweating occurs anytime, however, and in excessive amounts that leave your clothes drenched, you may have hyperhidrosis. At K-Town Med Spa & Varicose Relief in Los Angeles, Dr. Hossein Babaali offers effective treatments that eliminate embarrassing sweating problems. To learn more, call or book an appointment online.

Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating) Q & A

What is hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis describes excessive sweating, meaning abnormal sweating that isn’t necessarily related to heat or exercise. Sweating is a natural function that is meant to cool your body and prevent overheating. With hyperhidrosis, however, you sweat excessively, even when your body doesn’t need cooling.

What areas does hyperhidrosis affect?

Most people with hyperhidrosis experience excessive sweating that’s usually confined to one or two areas. The most commonly affected areas include:

  • Hands
  • Underarms
  • Head
  • Feet

If you have hyperhidrosis, your head may drip with sweat while the rest of your body remains dry. Or, you may be changing your shirt several times a day because of excessive sweating under your arms.

How is hyperhidrosis treated?

At K-Town Med Spa & Varicose Relief, Dr. Babaali offers two different treatments that can put an end to excessive sweating permanently in most cases and in other cases at least 80% reduction of hyperhidrosis:


MiraDry is an FDA-cleared treatment that eliminates or markedly diminishes sweat and odor glands under your arms. Considering that your body contains two million sweat glands, the underarms represent a mere 2% of the total, so the removal of these glands don’t affect your body’s ability to cool itself.

MiraDry uses proprietary miraWave™ energy to target and destroy sweat glands beneath your skin without damaging the surface area.

Most of the time one treatment is sufficient, however occasionally a second treatment may be needed which will be performed at half the cost. The treatment itself isn’t usually painful, and the doctor uses a topical numbing agent beforehand to be sure you’re comfortable. You may experience some redness, soreness, or swelling, which usually resolves by themselves in a few days.

Precision® by Cynosure

The Precision treatment ablates your sweat glands using laser energy that’s delivered beneath your skin to your axillary sweat glands through a cannula. After numbing the area, Dr. Babaali makes tiny incisions under your arms to deliver the laser energy, which ablates the sweat nad odor glands, and coagulates the tissue in the treated area, effectively shutting off your sweat glands.

Dr. Babaali performs this one-time treatment in his office, and it generally takes about two to three hours. You may experience some redness, swelling, and soreness afterward, but these side effects typically clear up in a few days.

If you want to put an end to embarrassing sweating once and for all, call K-Town Med Spa & Varicose Relief or book an appointment online.

Hyperhidrosis Treatments Near Me in Los Angeles, CA
Hyperhidrosis Treatments Near Me in Los Angeles, CA
Hyperhidrosis Treatments Near Me in Los Angeles, CA

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